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Godman is the host of the ExponentialExponential Conference,Conference, for ministers and church leaders...

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Inspiring ChurchChurch LeadersLeaders to build Thriving Ministries

The Exponential Conference is an annual church and ministry leader’s colloquium organised by The Elevation Church to equip the body of Christ with the wisdom and insight leaders need to build healthy and thriving ministries.

Find Your Voice


As a leader dedicated to social transformation, Godman Akinlabi founded Find Your Voice with the mission to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievements for immigrants globally.

Find Your Voice is a global movement and platform that seeks to empower immigrants with the tools, insights, and inspiration needed for successful integration and societal impact. Its mission is to help them become effective ambassadors, foster the right mindset, and build supportive communities, ultimately enabling their fulfilment and meaningful contributions to their new countries.

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