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Godman Akinlabi serves as the esteemed Global Lead Pastor of The Elevation Church, a non-denominational congregation that is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Since its establishment in 2010, Pastor Godman has relentlessly pursued a God-given mandate to make greatness common—an unshakable vision that has been the driving force behind the church’s remarkable growth and significant impact. His distinct leadership style, unwavering commitment to service, and fervent dedication to his calling have earned him a distinguished reputation as one of the most respected voices in the ministry today.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, Pastor Godman oversees several pioneering initiatives. Among these is The Better Half Media, a dynamic platform that produces an array of content aimed at strengthening relationships and marriages with godly principles.

He also chairs The Olive Network, a mentorship program that provides guidance and support to young pastors living abroad, as well as “Man Up,” a powerful mentorship program designed for young men.

Pastor Godman is deeply passionate about promoting unity across different church denominations. It is this very passion that led him to establish the Exponential Conference, a groundbreaking platform that brings together Christian leaders to share knowledge and experiences that empower the wider Christian community towards working together towards a common goal.

Together with his wife, Pastor Bolarinwa, who serves as the co-lead pastor of The Elevation Church, Pastor Godman is the proud parent of two beautiful daughters.

The Elevation Church

The Elevation Church, also known as TEC, has been set up by God to develop members to be witnesses for Christ and still empower them to achieve the highest levels of distinction and greatness in life. TEC was founded in 2010 by Pastors Godman and Bolarinwa Akinlabi with a mandate to ‘Make Greatness Common’. The church started in a hall in the heart of Lagos Island but has grown in capacity, with various locations across Nigeria, the UK, the US, Canada, and a vibrant online church.

Godman is the host of the ExponentialExponential Conference,Conference, for ministers and church leaders...

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Inspiring ChurchChurch LeadersLeaders to build Thriving Ministries

The Exponential Conference is an annual church and ministry leader’s colloquium organised by The Elevation Church to equip the body of Christ with the wisdom and insight leaders need to build healthy and thriving ministries.