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Teaching & Inspiring people worldwide to be better leaders

With a passion for helping people discover their purpose and develop their leadership potential, Godman Akinlabi is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and mentor to individuals, organisations, and governments across the globe.

As a skilled coach, a seasoned trainer, and an internationally recognised leadership expert, he provides the scaffolding and the tools to build your leadership skills brick by brick. He doesn’t simply offer platitudes; he equips you with actionable strategies, honed through years of experience and backed by academic rigour.

Godman’s insights are sought-after by individuals and organisations alike. His books, articles, and online resources offer a treasure trove of wisdom, practical advice, and thought-provoking perspectives on the art of leading.

Pistis Life and Leadership Institute (PLLI)


Pistis Life and Leadership Institute (PLLI) is a human capital development organisation for leaders with a distinct framework for facilitating learning in Africa. With the vision of building a community of exceptional leaders who will be equipped with the right values to transform societies and impact Africa, PLLI aims to develop a community of people and a robust enabler ecosystem equipped to stimulate positive transformation on the continent.

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Vantage Forum


Godman convenes thought leaders in a business roundtable and economic outlook event known as “Vantage Forum.” Vantage Forum is an entrepreneurial advancement initiative of The Elevation Church focused on empowering individuals to achieve the highest levels of distinction in their businesses and careers through the provision of resources such as business seminars, workshops, and mentorship programs. The forum not only hosts global shapers of economic perspectives but also empowers business owners, employers of labour, employees, and entrepreneurs alike with the clarity required for making strategic decisions that can improve their lives and enterprises at large.